Sunnyside Shines Launches Streetscape Program

iJanuary 30, 2014

The Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District has launched a street tree initiative to improve the streetscape in the Sunnyside commercial district.  The program kicked off by showcasing two “model blocks” in the district, featuring streetscape improvements such as tree guards and bollards, which were sponsored by two local property owners.  Sunnyside Shines’ vision is to improve the state of the district’s street trees with uniform tree guards, new street trees and expanded tree pits where necessary. 


Local property owners White Castle and Pickman Realty are the program’s first sponsors, providing street tree improvements on two blocks: the south side of Queens Boulevard between 43rd Street and 44th Street, and the west side of 46th Street between Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue.  These two blocks serve as a model of the improvements to come to the entire district, which will be funded by sponsorships from individuals and business owners as well as Sunnyside Shines. 


The tree guards and expanded tree pits provide a distinctive look to the neighborhood while enhancing the health of the district’s street trees.  The streetscape improvements complement the tree care and bulb planting completed during a community clean-up day last fall, co-sponsored by Sunnyside Shines, Council Member Van Bramer, Partnerships for Parks, TreesNY and BIG!Compost.


“It is very important to maintain healthy street trees along Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue,” said Rachel Thieme, executive director of the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District. “Street trees provide so many benefits to the district – from creating a buffer between vehicular traffic and pedestrians on the sidewalk, cleaner air and helping create a more attractive neighborhood to shop and do business in.  We are grateful to White Castle and Pickman Realty for helping to initiate this program, and we are looking forward to bringing more improvements to the entire district.”


Opportunities are available to sponsor individual tree guards within the Sunnyside Shines district.  Sponsors will be recognized with a plaque on the sponsored tree pit.  Individuals or businesses interested in sponsorship are invited to contact the Sunnyside Shines office for more information.