Sunnyside Shines to Host Punk Rope Games IX, with After Party at Maggie Mae's!

iSeptember 15, 2017

Join us for the 9th Punk Rope Games with our summer fitness partner Punk Rope! The Punk Rope Games are a cross between the Olympics and Mardi Gras featuring teams of 4 in costume competing in 10 athletic events. Spectators are welcome, and there is still room to register your team if you wish to compete! Visit the Punk Rope website to fill out your registration.

1) Costume Contest (team)
2) Long Rope Trading Handles (team)
3) Jump Rope Relay Race (team)
4) Rubber Chicken Toss Relay (team)
5) Me First You First (partners)
6) Spoons (partners)
7) Tower of Power (individual)
8) Wheel of Misfortune (individual event)
9) Rope Skipping Barrel Race (individual)
10) Crossing (individual)

Maggie Maes | 41-15 Queens Blvd
$5 Stella drafts | $7 Maggies Jamo Mules
$4 PBR tall boys