LaGuardia students compete for best Sunnyside map

iJuly 15, 2013

LaGuardia Community College students are helping to put Sunnyside on the map!   On July 2, 2013, three students in the art department at LaGuardia Community College were recognized by the college and community organizations as the top finalists in the Sunnyside map project, a joint project by the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District, the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and LaGuardia Community College.

Recognized will be third place winner Miho Nozawa, a fine arts major; second place winner Adina Partoi, a fine arts major; and first place winner Carmen Zhu, a fine arts/design major.  Zhu's watercolor illustration will serve as the basis for the map.

LaGuardia Community College, Sunnyside Shines and the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce are working together to produce an artistic, color map of Sunnyside which will publicize the neighborhood to visitors and new residents.  The map will contain the winning artwork from the first place student finalist, as well as a business directory and advertisements from local Sunnyside businesses.  The map is expected to be finalized and printed later this summer, and will be distributed at hotels in nearby Long Island City, local real estate offices and community events.

“This is such an exciting partnership between our organization, the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and LaGuardia Community College,” said Rachel Thieme, executive director of the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District.  “We are looking forward to having such an exciting document to be able to distribute to visitors.  This map is a great reflection of our thriving local business community.”

Swain Weiner, president of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce said: “Sunnyside’s businesses are some of the best in New York City-- and I’m very happy to say that the design of this map is an accurate representation of the beauty, energy, and warmth of the neighborhood. We’re proud of the collaboration behind this project, and of this opportunity to showcase some of Sunnyside’s finest establishments.”

“It is exciting to give our students the opportunity to get real world experience in creating art, for both the community and commercial enterprises, in a healthy competitive atmosphere,” said Hugo Fernandez, assistant professor of visual arts and photography at LaGuardia.  “The Humanities Department’s visual arts area is also proud to be involved in the winning collaboration with the Sunnyside business community; a community whose people, commerce and landscape help to support LaGuardia, as both a good neighbor, and also a home for students, staff and faculty.”

Fourteen students entered the map contest, which began in April.  Students were asked to enter a sketch of a Sunnyside map.  Three finalists were chosen by a selection committee in May and asked to submit a complete map that would orient visitors to Sunnyside and highlight the neighborhood’s many attractions.