Merchant Spotlight: Sunnyside Florist

Owners Bill and Greg Psitos share tips on how to keep your herb garden alive this spring

Have you been inside Sunnyside Florist?  Tucked in a plant-filled oasis on Queens Blvd near 40th Street, Bill and Greg Psitos have carried on the family flower business, which opened at this location in 1940.  With such a deep-rooted history in Sunnyside, they have a steady stream of former neighbors who stop by to check on the store and reminisce in the neighborhood.  When James Caan lived around the corner, he was a regular as well.

In addition to the “old timers,” Bill and Greg see a lot of new business too.  We caught up with them to talk about indoor spring gardening, such as growing herbs in a windowsill.  Many of their customers grow indoor herbs successfully, but there are a few key rules to follow.  First, “the herbs must have sunlight – at least a couple of hours of direct light every day,” Bill said.  “And importantly, don’t rush the transplanting.  Keep them in their original containers for 1-2 months, otherwise it’s too much of a shock to the plant.”  As for those lucky customers with outdoor gardens: “Be patient!” Bill warned, “outdoor plants are best planted about a week after Mother’s Day.”

Sunnyside Florist also does floral arrangements for weddings and parties, and are often called to deliver beautiful bouquets to stars at nearby Silvercup Studios.  They have a constantly rotating selection of flowers and plants, most of which are sourced from growers on Long Island.  “We’re at the greenhouse about twice a week,” Bill told us, “and if someone wants something specific we can always get it for them.”  How’s that for service?

Sunnyside Florist | 40-05 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside, NYC

Published: April 3, 2013