A Better World Festival

Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Venue Name: 
Bliss Plaza - 46th Street
Venue Address: 
46th Street & Queens Boulevard, Queens, NY, 11104

LOVE, HALLIE, Sunnyside Shines, and NYC Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer invite you to A Better World Festival, a FREE event for people--especially youth-- who want the chance to do something special! On August 18th, from noon to 5pm on Hallie's block in Western Queens, A Better World Festival will: • Provide opportunities for young people to get involved in the causes they care about, from nonprofits on the front lines of the good fight; • Feature dance, music, and readings by well-known performers & youth activists; and • Celebrate the Queens values of tolerance, empathy, activism, and peace.

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"I want to do something special this year, or even 20 years from now. I want to stand out sometime. That may be the reason I’ve decided to become a doctor when I’m grown. Most kids think that’s stupid, even you may be thinking that too as you read this. But, I want to help. Anything! I can help clean up my neighborhood, wash away mean words written on walls, so no one has to be reminded of the hate that lingers in this world. I’m getting off point. Anyway, I want to help the class community, or help raise money for starving people. I want to become more active in peacemaking, and helping people make the right choices. I want to help save endangered species. I want to discover the cure for cancer, and save lives. I just hope I get the chance." - Hallie Geier, age 10, 2003