Donate to the Sunnyside Fire Relief Fund

The morning of December 13th, a devastating fire ripped through the heart of our neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens, destroying six businesses and leaving dozens of employees out of work in the middle of the holidays. While we are grateful that there was no loss of life, the toll on our business community is unimaginable, and for residents of our neighborhood, many precious memories of good times at these businesses are also up in smoke.

What has transpired in the hours since this fire are testament to this amazing community----hundreds of individuals have inquired about how they can help, and every single community organization has expressed their interest in lending their resources to help our business owners and employees back on their feet. Together, we are planning a series of fundraising efforts to help the victims of the fire. All efforts will be listed on this page. Several dozen individuals, businesses, and community groups have come together in a united effort to establish the Sunnyside Fire Relief Fund.

Support the Fire Relief Fund by bidding on our Charitable Auction!

You may also make a tax-deductible donation to the Fire Relief Fund by sending your check (made out to Sunnyside Shines Fire Relief Fund) to: PO Box 4477, Sunnyside, NY 11104. 100% of proceeds will go to direct assistance to employees of businesses affected by the fires. Below, please find a list of all individual contributors outside of our online fundraising efforts.


Individual Contributors:

Cash Donations at 12.18 Fundraiser at Sunnyside Community Services ($15,817.25)

Online ticket sales proceeds from 12.17.18 community fundraiser ($12,860)

Proceeds from 12.23.18 fundraiser at Bantry Bay ($3100)

Amin Siad, Fresh & Save Supermarkets ($2,000)

Cash Donations at Bar 43 Fundraiser 12.19.18 ($1,915)

Sunnyside Florist ($1,058)

Paddie Reilly Memorial Foundation, Inc. ($1,000)

Pete's Grill ($1,000)

Queen of Angels Roman Catholic Church ($1,000)

Tito Rad's Grill ($1000)

Sunnyside Ballet Nutcracker Collection ($793.50)

Proceeds from 12.21.18 Jack's Firehouse Karaoke Fundraiser ($645)

Patricia Dorfman ($600)

Richard F. Drake ($525)

Anonymous ($500)

Bar 43 ($500)

Dazies Restaurant ($500)

Eileen Walsh ($500)

Elinor and Robert Schanz ($500)

Eric and Lisa Gioia ($500)

Ingrassia Insurance Agency ($500)

LIC Building LLC ($500)

Marc Crawford Leavitt ($500)

Sunnyside Artists ($500)

Sunnyside Kiwanis Foundation ($500)

Sunnyside Painting ($500)

The Lowery Bar & Kitchen ($500)

Angela Maguire ($300)

Maureen O.  Stathis ($300)

Joseph Y. Schulder ($252)

Brian T. Brennan ($250)

NYS Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan ($250)

Dance Matters NYC LLC ($250)

Donovan's Pub ($250)

Kathleen and Pedro Kourtesis ($250)

Maura Lynch ($250)

Veronica Brennan and Francis O'Mara ($250)

Sunnyside Ballet LLC ($250)

Bula Arts & Culture ($220)

Leonard B. Lacroix ($200)

Sunnyside Artists (via art auction sales) ($200)

Sunnyside Woodside Lions Club ($200)

Valentine and Aristide Michielini ($200)

Families of the Students of P.S. 150 ($173.13)

Sunnyside-Woodside Action Group ($160)

Cooldown Juice ($150)

Maria and Peter Ross ($150)

Barista Staff of Paris Baguette ($120)

44 KPF INC. ($100)

108 Pct Community Council ($100)

Anne Walsh and Rosemary Murphy ($100)

Bill Makolin ($100)

Cecilia Harrigan and Rosemary Flanagan ($100)

Diane Ballek ($100)

Debbie & Gary Bush ($100)

Dennis and Norma Branco ($100)

Edward G. Casazza ($100)

Gary Matson ($100)

Jill Monroe ($100)

Joanne Smith and Nancy Gratzer ($100)

Katherine Calitri and Shirley Bomzer ($100)

Kevin O. Kane ($100)

Maureen and Richard O'Connor ($100) 

Ombreo / Hideo Nakamura ($100)

Skillman's Famous Pizza Shop ($100)

Thomas Dunne ($100)

Fostra ($100)

Sheila Ross, Sheila Ross Pottery ($100)

Theobucket Vintage ($100)

Treestar* Soaps, Jose Alvarez-Oviedo ($71)

Extra Helpings Household Goods ($60)

Brian Lam Works - Charitable Pop Up Market Donation ($53)

Anonymous Sunnysider ($50)

Carol Matson ($50)

Catherine Doxey ($50)

Catherine McNamara ($50)

Frances Kraemer ($50)

John J. O'Sullivan ($50)

Margaret Gloeckler ($50)

Mary Delaney ($50)

Mary and Michael OSullivan ($50)

Patrick T. Rohan and Theresa A. O'Sullivan ($50)

Rehndell Masi, RNK Ceramics ($50)

Vincent V. Voorhees ($50)

Marie Antoinette Lewis ($50)

Virginia Ferrara ($50)

Anonymous Sunnysider ($40)

Forward Roots LLC ($40)

Mary Ann and Joseph Gurrado ($40)

Sal DiMattei ($40)

Davida Sobers - Charitable Pop Up Market Proceeds ($34.50)

Limited Toy - Charitable Pop Up Market Proceeds ($30)

Anonymous Sunnysider ($25)

Daniel and Christine Bergin ($25)

Debra Markell ($25)

Gerald and Margaret Perrin ($25)

Lelanie Oei ($25)

Peter's Impressions ($25)

Christina Byrn ($20)

Dorothy and Charles Cavallo ($20)

Shawn Hill ($20)

Grace Kelli Cupcakes ($15)

Selmin Karatas, Pyxis Products Ltd ($12)

Simon Donikian ($10)

Tito Rad's ($1,000)



Thank you from all of us who share in this beloved community.