• Welcome to Sunnyside - Located just east of Long Island City, Sunnyside is a diverse, dynamic and quaint neighborhood - just 15 minutes from Grand Central Station

  • New Plaza for Sunnyside - Bliss Plaza, located at 46th Street and Queens Boulevard, is a new public space open to the community. Photo: Mary Teresa Giancoli

  • Sunnyside Summer Strolls - Huge turnout for the 2014 Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Concert, celebrated each year on 46th Street

  • Activating our streets - Make Music New York came to the streets of Sunnyside on June 21, 2014 | Photo: Andrew Ogulnik

The Taste of Sunnyside is the neighborhood's premiere food event, taking place on May 19, 2015 under the elevated 7 train.  Sponsorships and restaurant sign-ups now open!

We've launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a new performance series to Sunnyside's Bliss Plaza this summer.  Please check it out!

We enhance Sunnyside's commercial district on Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue.  From marketing the district to keeping the sidewalks clean, find out more about our programs and initiatives.

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40-05 Queens Boulevard Sunnyside, NYC
Sunnyside Florist
Visit one of Sunnyside's oldest family businesses - and be sure to pick up some gorgeous flowers from our local experts
42-03 Queens Boulevard Sunnyside, NYC
Turkish Grill
Sunnyside is known for a vibrant Turkish community with fantastic cuisine
45-16 Queens Boulevard Sunnyside, NYC
Alpha Donuts
Patty Zorbas serves up one of the best breakfasts in town - all day long
47-02 Greenpoint Avenue Sunnyside, NYC
Bliss Street Station
There is something for everyone at Bliss Street Station



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